Das Unnachahmliche

Die meisten Nachahmer lockt das Unnachahmliche.

(Marie Ebner-Eschenbach)

Improve the world

I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world. This makes it difficult to plan the day.

(E. B. White)

Expect anything worthwhile

Expect anything worthwhile to take a long time.

(Debbie Millman)

Individual commitment

Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.

(Vince Lombardi)

Afraid of the dark

We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.


The most powerful leadership tool

The most powerful leadership tool you have is your own personal example.

(John Wooden)