Experience is not what happens to you; it’s what you do with what happens to you.

(Aldous Huxley)

Take a step back

Sometimes it’s OK to take a step back and admit you’re being ridiculous.


Doing strange things

Spend your life doing strange things with weird people.


All the brains

I not only use all the brains that I have, but all that I can borrow.

(Woodrow Wilson)

Obsession ist ein Motor

Obsession ist ein Motor, kein Motorschaden.

(Rolf Dobelli)

You renew yourself every day

You renew yourself every day. Sometimes you’re successful, sometimes you’re not, but it’s the average that counts.

(Sata Nadella)

Improve the world

I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world. This makes it difficult to plan the day.

(E. B. White)

Expect anything worthwhile

Expect anything worthwhile to take a long time.

(Debbie Millman)

Nothing will work

Nothing will work unless you do.

(Maya Angelou)

Capture the heart

Certain things catch your eye, but pursue only those that capture the heart.

(Indian Proverb)