My Mission

“Where are the profit pools of tomorrow (read in 10 years from now)?” A couple of years ago I received this mission from my CEO and set out to discover those profit pools. Easier said than done.

Nevertheless here are the ingredients of a profit pool analysis: one portion of market intelligence (i.e. some 25-30 interviews), one portion of historical data on price and production cost development, three portions of excel model, and a dash of brave extrapolation. The mission was completed within 3 weeks.

Did we secure those profit pools for our company? That is the ultimate question; you all want to know the answer. The truth is: I can’t tell you, as the 10 years are not over yet.

In my point of view business development is always two-fold: yes you need to have a strong vision of the future, bold targets worth to put in additional energy, in the story above these are the future profit pools. And you need your team, the organization to go after those targets and fulfill your vision.

My mission is to enable the organization and support the team. Best I can do is being part of the endeavor and leading the team towards those new continents rather than waving the sailing ships goodbye and hoping they will return one day with glorious news.

It all summarizes in my favorite motto “Think global – act local”.

I’m more than happy to discuss the topic of business development. Looking forward to getting to know you.